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Four Essential Systems for Reliable Renewable Energy and Sustainability

If you want to live a more sustainable life with renewable energy, there are many different things you will need. With a combination of green technology, you will be able to make your home more energy independent. This can include things like water collection, wind and solar energy and thermal solutions. Here are some of the essential systems to make your home sustainable.

1. Solar Panel Solutions for Electrical Systems

Solar panels are a great way to provide your home with energy. These can be entire arrays that provide your home with most of the electricity you need. You may also want to have more of an aesthetic appearance for your solar panels, which can be done by using building materials like roofing shingles that have solar panels integrated in their design.

2. Collectors for Hot Water and Home Heating

You can also use solar energy to heat your home and provide your hot water. This can be done with solar collectors that heat water, which can then be stored in thermal storage tanks. This water can then be used by conventional water heaters or boilers and reduce energy costs. They can also be combined with things like geothermal loops to help improve performance of heating systems.

3. Reusing Water for Irrigation and Non-Potable Needs

You can also reuse water in your home from areas like sinks. This is greywater, which is clean and fine for things like irrigation. With a minimal amount of filtration, it can also be used to flush toilets. The greywater can be used for many things that do not require potable water. This water can be used for many outdoor chores, such as pressure washing concrete, brick, masonry, and wood decking.

4. Rain Collection Systems for Clean Water Needs

If you want to have more sustainable solutions for your home, rain collection is another essential solution that you will want. This can provide your home with clean water that can be used for practically anything you need. If you use rainwater, you will also want to invest in water filtration and purification to ensure that it is clean. Some areas have ordinances on the use of rain water, so you will want to check with your local authorities about using rainwater. 

These are some of the essential solutions you may want for sustainable energy for your home. If you are ready to get started on some of these projects, contact a solar installation company like USA Solar Electric to find out how they can help with the energy systems for your home.