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Tree Trimming Methods: Crown Raising and Reduction

Do you have a tree in your yard with numerous low-lying branches that are affecting your home aesthetics, obstructing pathways, or touching structures? Or perhaps you are wondering how to deal with that one tree that is getting unattractively tall. If you are grappling with how to solve these problems without necessarily having to cut down the problematic trees, there are many alternatives that you could explore.

A certified tree expert can offer you advice on how to deal with such issues while still maintaining the beauty of your landscape and health of the trees. Here are 2 alternatives to tree removal that could be utilized in case of overgrown trees.

Crown raising

This involves selectivity trimming low-lying branches that could be causing problems such as whacking people or lowering visibility in your home. By removing only a few problematic branches, tree experts are able to maintain the health of a tree while eliminating the clutter caused by too many branches.

Once the low-lying branches are trimmed, your tree will have a raised crown that won't obstruct your driveway or pathways or affect your ability to mow the lawn. However, the raised crown will not weaken the tree or affect its shape and functionality as other methods such as tree stumping would.

This procedure must, however, be done by a certified arborist, or there could be a risk of affecting the tree's ability to sustain future growth. Removal of too many branches may cause too much stress on the tree, resulting in cracking and weakening of the trunk. Imbalanced removal of lower branches could also cause sprouting on the trunk or remaining limbs.

Crown reduction

This involves reducing the height and size of trees that grow excessively tall, especially in neighborhoods that are within city limits. Tree experts achieve this by evenly removing the ends of branches throughout the tree, leaving a balanced appearance and diminished crown that won't affect power lines or obstruct views. A certified arborist will need to assess the tree and determine which branches can be trimmed without affecting the aesthetics or health of the tree.

Careful trimming makes crown reduction a lot more effective than tree topping, which involves cutting off the top of the tree. Tree topping may reduce the height of the tree quicker, but will also leave the tree vulnerable to pest infestation and disease, while also damaging the balance and altering the shape of the tree.

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