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New Solar Energy Technologies: What You Should Know

Being an environmentally conscious consumer, you like to make sure that you do everything possible to utilize sustainable technologies and products. As such, you probably have considered solar energy technologies as a part of your plan to green your life. However, what you may not know is that solar technology is always changing and evolving. To understand how these changes can affect you and your eco-friendly efforts, you need to understand these new technological advances and learn how they are being utilized. Then, you can decide for yourself if these solar technologies are right for you and your green pursuits.

Spray-On Solar Technologies

Have you ever wished that you could charge your tablet or cell phone using solar energy? If so, you are not the only one. People use more energy than ever before on a daily basis to keep their smart phones and tablets charged and running properly.

Imagine, then, if every cell phone and tablet could be charged using the power of the sun, rather than the electricity from grid power in the home. This could make a huge difference.

Scientists and researchers agree about the benefits of solar energy to charge your devices. They have recently invented a way to spray what are known as colloidal quantum dots (CQDs) onto flexible materials. 

This spray-on technology makes the use of these solar-sensitive dots easier, cheaper, and more readily accessible. Essentially, these colloidal quantum dots can be sprayed onto a plastic wrap-like surface that you could wrap around your tablet or cellphone to charge it. This could save you a great deal of money in energy costs if used daily.

Additionally, as this spray-on technology evolves, it may make all solar energy easier to use and more affordable. Scientists eventually hope to use this technology in solar roofing and various other applications.

Solar Energy Clothing

The latest and greatest fashion trend that designers are trying out is clothing with solar panels built in. Essentially, you could wear a fashionable coat or jacket that soaks up the energy from the sun as you go about your daily life. 

Then, when your cellphone needs a battery charge, all you need to do is plug it into a battery pack in your coat pocket and you are good to go. While this technology is still new to the market, it could revolutionize not only the fashion industry, but also the field of renewable energy.

Imagine a world where you generate usable energy while you take your dog for a walk, or play with your kids at the park. This would save you a great deal of money and energy use.

These green solar technology advances can and will help you save money while becoming more environmentally friendly in the process. As solar energy technologies advance and change, you will find that this renewable energy is more and more affordable and readily-accessible.