The Danger Is Real: 3 Childhood Favorites That Could Contain Asbestos

If you have children, you do everything you can to keep them safe. That includes taking precautions to keep them from being exposed to hazardous materials. Unfortunately, you might not even realize that some of your kid's favorite playthings have tested positive for asbestos. Research has shown that there are no safe exposure levels for asbestos. However, the product continues to be used in many household products, including children's toys. Here are three products that your child may have in their room right now.

3 Tips To Help You Get The Most Money For Your Recycled Cans

Many Americans today are interested in finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Recycling can be an excellent way to reduce the negative impact you have on the environment, and it can also be a great way to earn a little extra cash. Here are three tips you can use to help you get more money for your recycled cans in the future. 1. Work with your neighbors to generate as many cans as possible.

Four Essential Systems for Reliable Renewable Energy and Sustainability

If you want to live a more sustainable life with renewable energy, there are many different things you will need. With a combination of green technology, you will be able to make your home more energy independent. This can include things like water collection, wind and solar energy and thermal solutions. Here are some of the essential systems to make your home sustainable. 1. Solar Panel Solutions for Electrical Systems

Tree Trimming Methods: Crown Raising and Reduction

Do you have a tree in your yard with numerous low-lying branches that are affecting your home aesthetics, obstructing pathways, or touching structures? Or perhaps you are wondering how to deal with that one tree that is getting unattractively tall. If you are grappling with how to solve these problems without necessarily having to cut down the problematic trees, there are many alternatives that you could explore. A certified tree expert can offer you advice on how to deal with such issues while still maintaining the beauty of your landscape and health of the trees.

Drilling A Well On Private Land

If you have purchased land in a rural area or plan on purchasing property, it's a huge benefit to know if well drilling is a possibility. In some cases, there may be water under the ground, but it may not be sanitary enough for anything other than agriculture. The following will help you better understand ground water systems and the process of evaluating the potential for a sanitary drinking well. 

Not A Dirty Secret Anymore: How Environmentalists And Artists Are Testing And Showcasing Poor Air Quality

The quality of the air you breathe, especially if you live in a city or in a highly industrialized area, is no longer a dirty little secret. Today, groups and individuals are testing and displaying the results of air pollution to show everyday people the effects of fine particulate matter in the air. These environmentally-aware folks are measuring air quality in a variety of ways. They're using time-tested tools and making their own.

3 Reasons To Hire A Tree Service

A tree service is a great resource to take advantage of, especially when you consider the many different ways in which they can help you. A tree service can help you treat sick or infected trees, remove trees, and help you decide what trees to plant on your property. Treat Sick Or Infected Trees One of the worst things that can happen in your yard is to see your trees begin to wither and die due to a sickness or because they were infected by insects.

Propane Heaters Make Working In Construction During The Winter Easier

Winter doesn't mean that construction stops. However, no one really wants to work outside or in an unheated building when it is very cold. Some equipment may not function well in the cold, either. There are various ways of dealing with this problem. The easiest way is to use an outdoor heater, such as one that runs on propane.  What Is Propane? Propane is produced when natural gas and petroleum are refined.

Advance Scouting Best When Arranging For Dumpster Drop-Off

Are you planning to rent a roll-off dumpster to contain waste or recycling as you clear out or remodel your home? If this is the case, arrange with the roll-off delivery company for them to view your property. You want to be sure that you have enough space so that the dumpster will not sit under or near power lines. Whether you have someone come out in person, or whether you send pictures to the company via email, ensuring that the spot in which you plan to put the dumpster is going to be appropriate is essential for your safety.

Handling Medical Waste: What Not To Do

When handling medical waste, safety precautions must be taken in order to prevent diseases or accidents. It is imperative that everyone working in a medical facility be properly trained on the correct ways to dispose of medical waste. Here are some things you should never do when dealing with medications, blood, needles, or other medical related items. Putting Needles in Bags Needles are one of the most notorious causes for accidental infections.