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Propane Heaters Make Working In Construction During The Winter Easier

Winter doesn't mean that construction stops. However, no one really wants to work outside or in an unheated building when it is very cold. Some equipment may not function well in the cold, either. There are various ways of dealing with this problem. The easiest way is to use an outdoor heater, such as one that runs on propane. 

What Is Propane?

Propane is produced when natural gas and petroleum are refined. It is used as a fuel for everything from barbeque grills to furnaces. It is kept in pressurized tanks and connected to the device that's using it. The tanks can range from a small one used on a portable grill, to a large tank that will hold enough propane to heat a house and also provide hot water and fuel for cooking. 

How Is Propane Used to Heat a Construction Site?

Propane is used as a fuel for heaters that are specially designed to work outside. Since the heaters aren't permanent parts of the job site, the propane is generally in refillable tanks that can be attached to the heaters and replaced when they are empty. 

How Do Construction Site Heaters Work?

These heaters aren't like residential space heaters. One reason for this is that they are bigger and they put out more BTUs. That means that they produce more heat. They need to be bigger because they are either heating large unheated facilities or outdoor areas. 

One kind of heater that can be used on a job site is a forced air heater. This heater is fairly common on job sites. That's because that it provides a good way to heat a large space. It takes in the cold air and heats it up. Then, it uses a blower to spend that air out into the room or space. Of course, the larger the space, the more or bigger heaters are going to be used. 

Are Propane Construction Heaters Safe?

As long as the proper precautions are taken, propane heaters are perfectly safe. Those precautions can include doing things like making sure very large propane bottles are only used outside and that the heater has adequate ventilation. There is always the chance of a propane leak. Since the propane is a gas, it can get into the air and then people can breathe it in. Without the right ventilation, workers can get sick from inhaling propane.

Staying on schedule is a big part of any construction job. No contractor can afford to let winter stand in the way of their schedule. Propane heaters, such as those from Mrohs Gas Inc, can help keep work on schedule.